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Joan Muyskenweg 28 -32

100 - 16.687 m2 kantoorruimte te huur in Amsterdam


Huurprijs € 260 m²/jaar
Functie Kantoorruimte
Wijk / Buurt Industriegebied Amstel
Bedrijventerrein Amstel Business Park Zuid

The Joan is a typical case of big mouth and warm heart. For behind a sleek glass facade with sturdy steel crosses, a creative surrounding is hidden where it is very agreeable to be.

Once inside you will also find a world upside down. Here, inside is outside and outside is inside. The presence of living vertical vegetation in various places makes you feel like you are in the open air. The feeling is emphasized by the transparent facades and glass and light-reflecting ceilings. The ‘green lungs’ also refresh the indoor atmosphere 24/7, so here you always breathe fresh and healthy air. Great for well-being and comfort.

Thousands of square meters where ‘residents’ can work, chill out and link up to their heart’s content. Covered balconies along all four facades have been arranged as a living room over the full length and width. Through French doors you will find cool hangouts where you can sit outside in comfort early in the year. Ideal for Friday afternoon drinks, but also for receiving visitors in a relaxed and chilled-out environment. At the ground floor, The Joan gets into dialogue with her environment. Here she makes room for publicly-accessible hospitality, shops, showrooms and studios. And in the adjacent ‘green’ parking garage with a vegetated facade, there is room for 246 cars.


For the design of Amsterdam’s The Joan, an Amsterdam architectural firm was engaged: OZ. The agency has a worldwide track record with more than 30 years of experience. When designing, OZ mainly focuses on sustainable and location-specific architecture and likes to look for intelligent design solutions. The aim is: people should feel at home in a building, whether they work or live there. OZ makes buildings with a strong identity that is sustainable for the users, the stakeholders and the environment in which they are located. The Joan is the finest example of this approach.

Fundamental to all of OZ’s work is its responsibility for social and environmental sustainability. To this end, this agency likes to work together with customers, users, contractors and other stakeholders. For the construction of The Joan, OZ worked together with Arcadis – one of the largest players in the field of sustainable design and technology. Together they developed an ingenious design to promote the health and well-being of ‘the residents’ of The Joan.


Located in the traffic hub of the A2 and A10, The Joan is located in one of the most visible places in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam city centre - 10 minutes
Schiphol Airport - 14 minutes
Utrecht - 40 minutes
The Hague - 49 minutes


This area is currently in full development and will continue in the future as Werkstad OverAmstel. Pioneer species, shrubs, tall grasses and wild flowers will give an unraked, wild and natural character to verges and embankments. The green structure of the city streets will have a more formal and raked character with clear, rhythmic planting. Inner areas will be transformed into an informal place to stay with grasses, wild flowers and trees. The viaducts function as entrance gates to the area. Special attention is paid to social safety. Transparency and lighting play an important role in this.

The floor areas are exceptionally generous. Thousands of square meters where ‘residents’ can work, chill out and link up to their heart’s content.
Under the high ceilings, imagination and creativity are given free rein. And in all directions you look out over endless vistas that expand and inspire the mind. And all of this close to one of the most dynamic and striking junctions in Amsterdam: the A2/A10 intersection.

Ground floor 373 sq. m. LFA.
1st floor 2.765 sq. m. LFA.
2nd floor 2.768 sq. m. LFA.
4th floor 2.759 sq. m. LFA.
5th floor 2.760 sq. m. LFA.
6th floor 2.503 sq. m. LFA.
7th floor 2.759 sq. m. LFA.
Total 16.687 sq. m. LFA.

Partial rental possible per floor.

Rental Price
Office space
From €260,- sq. m. LFA excl. BTW.

Parking spaces
€2,500,- per parking place per year excl. BTW.

Service charge
€ 55,- sq. m. LFA. per year excl. BTW.

The parking ratio is 1:100. The parking garage is located across from the building.


During office hours, a hostess is always available to welcome your visitors. The hostess is also a barista and serves the best coffee.
• Reception
• Coffee bar / barista
• Restaurant

At the ground floor, The Joan opens up to its surroundings. The publicly accessible restaurant and terrace offers the possibility of a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner.
• Event space
• Terrace

Restaurant Bream
You are welcome. For your most important meal of the day: breakfast. For an outstanding lunch. And for drinks at the end of the day. For events, meetings or just a ‘simple’ cup of coffee. After all:
If you can dream it. We can bream it.

'The green lungs of The Joan'

Are you consciously working on sustainability in your organization? The Joan doesn’t like work half-done. As such she wanted to achieve optimal performance in the fields of sustainability and well-being.
BREEAM is an assessment method that is used to determine and compare the sustainability performance of buildings. The Joan applied for a BREEAM-NL Excellent certificate and achieved a score of no less than 83,17 percent. For health and wellness, The Joan achieved the highest WELL standard: Platinum.

Some of the measures that led to those high scores:
• Use of green energy by solar panels and Heat Cold Storage source
• Use of sustainable materials, including sustainably-produced wood
• Waste separation and recycling
• Monitoring and control of water/electricity consumption during the construction process
• Monitoring of the amount of CO2 emissions
• All work on the construction site took place within the ecological work protocol

The Joan is available immediately.